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The Black Widow


Wendy Corsi Staub

Online dating can be deadly in this gripping new thriller.

The Kill by Jane Casey

A Maeve Kerrigan thriller

Author Q & A

Wendy Corsi Staub, Multi-Genre Author

Wendy Corsi Staub

MMM: The Black Widow is out now. It's the final book in a trilogy with social networking themes, which tap into everyone's worst fears of online predators. What prompted you to tackle this subject?

Wendy: I’ve long been struck by how the way people who might lock their doors, set alarms, and guard their deep, dark secrets from their real world friends are willing to make themselves utterly vulnerable online—some publicly sharing with total strangers information they wouldn’t entrust to their own spouse. Anonymity is a dangerous thing and internet predators are rampant. This trilogy examines three different social networking backdrops: THE GOOD SISTER is about cyber-bullying via a fictionalized Facebook site; THE PERFECT STRANGER is about a group of bloggers; THE BLACK WIDOW is about online dating. These are all standalone books, connected by the theme that you never know who might really be lurking behind a screen name.

MMM: A large part of book promotion is done via the internet now. How has the rise of the web affected the way you promote your books?

Wendy: A social media presence isn’t really optional anymore—it’s mandatory. I love connecting with my readers on Facebook and spend time there each day, but it’s difficult to keep from getting sucked in and losing precious writing time. I find, though, that it’s time well spent. Word of mouth remains the most valuable means of promotion, and I find that if I tell them what’s going on in my daily research/writing process as it happens, then my readers get excited about my books months in advance and share the word with their friends.

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